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Veterinary Resources

Kings Row Pet Hospital is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet.  Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following sites.  We trust the information the listed websites provide to you, our client, and member of our family.

dogresources.pngAmerican Kennel Club - The Dog's Champion

American Veterinary Medical Association: The veterinarian's version of the American Medical Association

Other Recommended Links: - Excellent resource for researching specific medical conditions in veterinary medicine. These articles/info sheets are written by well-respected board-certified veterinary specialists. - Good resource for the latest information on feline diets. - Top website for turtle and tortoise information. - #1 website for pet poisonings - Good resource for dental information - Great companion pet bird website. - Addresses behavioral issues and parrots - General parrot website with reliable information. - Explains Cushing's Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism) in dogs. - By ULf Edqvist Tortoise Trust Web - A site dedicated to the conservation and captive care of Chelonia